My name is Carl Magnus Bruhner, and I’m a Final Year Student in Information Technology, M.Sc. in Engineering, at Linköping University finishing a master’s degree with a specialization in Secure Systems. I recently finished studies in Business & Economics earning a B.Sc. in Business Administration June 2021.

In addition to Swedish & English, I’m also experienced in Java & Python and are currently strengthening my skills in C++. I’ve previously used Go, Julia, C and MATLAB for various work as well. Cyber security (including software, information, business, web and networks) is my main area of interest and focus, as well as security and networks in general. My Bachelor Thesis was a study of HTTPS X.509 certificate replacements and validity periods, and was awarded Best Bachelor Thesis 2020. I’m currently doing my Master’s Thesis within security and privacy.

I’m an entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for leadership, cyber security, organizational development and project management. My background spans everything from sales and marketing to politics, health, tech, non-profits and research. I have a passion for working with businesses & organizations targeting consumers and end-users. Big interest in tech, security and startups. Would like to aim for a CISSP certification or simliar in the future.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been very successful within my employments as an intrapreneur, always taking innovation approaches and giving my best, resulting in many opportunities and side-projects within the companies I’ve been working for.

To find out more, you can find me at @bruhner in most social media. Don’t hesitate to connect!